Aaron Wigod, Vice President

Aaron joined Marathon Acquisition and Development, Inc. in 2010 and is Vice President and a shareholder. He spends most of his time acquiring and developing multi-family and mixed-use real estate developments.

Aaron has a unique talent for developing creative partnership and financing structures for new developments or to acquire and resurrect non-performing or overleveraged properties. He has become proficient in structuring developments with real property tax exemptions and appealing or otherwise reducing real property taxes. Aaron also serves as general legal counsel for Marathon Acquisition & Development, Inc., Marathon Construction Services, LLC, and Marathon Management, Inc.

Prior to joining Marathon Acquisition & Development, Inc., Aaron earned his Juris Doctorate from Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College. He practiced law for nine years, five of which were with Greene & Markley P.C. and four were at his own firm.

Aaron focused on secured and unsecured collection litigation and litigation revolving around real estate transactions and failed real estate ventures. During this time he represented real estate developers and investors, debtors, and various types of creditors including private lenders, landlords, banks, and judgment creditors.

While practicing law, Aaron also acquired and managed several small real estate projects for his own account. He purchased and remodeled retail commercial buildings and single family homes. He also has significant experience purchasing real property through foreclosure and purchasing and collecting secured debt.