Proactive Management

We endorse the adages that “knowledge is power” and “with knowledge fear dissipates”. Marathon’s unique and comprehensive knowledge of local markets enables us to determine direction and obtain results. To that end, Marathon Database Services, LLC was established as a subsidiary of Marathon Management, to illuminate the complexities of the ever changing rental market. Marathon Database Services gathers and monitors extensive, real-time marketing information on virtually every residential complex in Oregon and Southern Washington.

Our comprehensive database is used, among other things, to monitor the strength of the rental market, adjust rents, determine ancillary income and security deposits, capture sales information, and appeal tax assessments. Continuously updated, this information is used to monitor properties and provide critical information and periodic insider reports to our owners, at no additional cost. Our databases maintain more than 200 pieces of information on each residential property.

Proficient in Maintenance Rehabilitation and Construction

Marathon performs much of its day-to-day maintenance, repairs, rehab and construction by utilizing third-party contractors, thereby eliminating the inefficient and costly use of in-house maintenance crews. Our approved vendors have been thoroughly screened and their pricing aggressively bid to ensure the highest quality work at the lowest possible price. Unlike most property management companies, Marathon does not follow the practice of marking up its vendor and contractor bills with overhead and extra profit. Marathon is committed to protecting the value of our owners’ properties by ensuring owner approved maintenance is performed promptly, correctly, and without unnecessary cost.

Marathon Management, Inc. is able to address major improvements with owner’s approval through its subsidiary Marathon Construction Services, LLC. Since 1979, Marathon Construction Services has constructed and rehabilitated more than 6,800 apartment units. Through Marathon Construction Services we are able to perform value engineering before construction or major rehab services are commenced, thereby minimizing construction cost. Dedicated, knowledgeable, and experienced staff put the owner in the most secure and predictable position during rehab and construction. Marathon Construction Services’ computerized bidding, budgeting and scheduling systems are among the most sophisticated available.

Accurate and Streamlined Accounting

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our accounting systems with checks and balances to manage and control rental receipts and expenses. Owners can be assured their funds are accounted for and well controlled. Marathon Management, Inc. is the only management company in the metropolitan area that bypasses on-site manager rent collections, directly billing residents from our main office, routing resident payments directly to our bank depository system by way of lockboxes, resulting in the following benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for on-site staff to perform billing, collection and dunning functions, thereby reducing on-site staff and payroll cost.
  • Reduces the time needed to process and deposit payments by means of integrated rent rolls and financial statements allowing Marathon to publish more accurately and timely month and year-end reports for the owner.
  • On-site managers are freed from the “negative” aspects of credit verification and rent collections, providing them more time to work on marketing and maintenance tasks, thereby increasing occupancy and reducing on-site administrative personnel cost.
  • Residents receive accurate billings earlier each month, thereby prompting renters to pay earlier and improving the owner’s cash flow. NSF checks, delinquent payments and late fees are also able to be dealt with sooner.
  • Significantly improves all aspects of the property’s internal accounting controls at the site level, thereby eliminating errors and insider “wheeling and dealing” that occurs on-site at most third party managed properties.

An Owner’s Advocate

Marathon’s ability to accurately determine optimal rent levels, successfully appeal property taxes, negotiate insurance policies, design effective advertising, and perform preventative maintenance and capital repairs, results in substantial improvement in the property’s cash flow and market value. By implementing a system of structured management practices, which include strong internal cash and accounting controls, we have frequently been able to save our owners more than twice the cost of our management fees. Our strong, “take-charge” style provides owners the comfort of knowing their properties are operating smoothly and at their optimum performance.

Responsive Staff and Progressive Technology

Experienced staff and advanced computer technology put our management team at the forefront of the property management industry. All aspects of our management are computerized, offering our clients tailored financial statements, occupancy reports and rental/marketing data which enables us to track and project rents, thereby achieving rental goals. Our staff has extensive experience in the areas of planning, budgeting, construction, remodeling, maintenance, lease-up, and marketing of residential properties, enabling us to understand and resolve property and owner issues. Whether it be tenant relations, occupancy, cash flow, property maintenance, construction problems, or governmental compliance, our trained personnel are ready with effective solutions.